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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hot Gochu

Red chilli or ‘gochu’ in Korean, a staple element of nearly every Korean food. They require them in such mass quantities, that during the harvest season, chillies can be seen drying in the sun on the street, the roof, simply every-fucking-where... Oh yeah, gochu is also a cute slang term for penis.

It's all about the gochu...

...and you know this...Man!

I tried to take these pictures on the sly. I feel foolish and touristy taking photos of what, to Koreans, are extremely commonplace things with my abnormally large camera.

A bunch of adjummas walked by decked out in full adjumma regalia: bulletproof perms, sun visors, and loud floral clothes in all the colours of the rainbow... then some more.

They looked at me while I was bent down adjusting the folding screen on the camera, messing with the macro function, trying to get the best angle.

I'm sure they were thinking ‘What the fuck is that guy doing? Is he retarded? It's just a fucking chilli for God’s sake...’

Can you imagine someone back home taking a photo of something mundane like a parking meter?

And matching little car in ‘gochu metallic’

Attack of the killer gochu!

Just to show you that it's not all about the gochu...

Yes, they look cute in isolation, but multiply the numbers and add sugar...