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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What the fuck is all this hype about the iPhone?

It’s a fucking phone people. A phone.

It does shit that almost any other modern phone will do. My phone plays MP3s, accesses the net, records video etc. I could go out and buy a 32 gig miniSD card if I wanted to outstrip Apple’s 8 gig…

Really, what the fuck?

I hear Apple have already sold half a million of the little iPhucks to half a million iPhuckwits. Lifestyle wankers unite.

This is just another thing I’ll never understand…

Like those fucking lunatics that camp overnight on the street outside the iWank shop to be the first person on their block to be ripped off.

But then why should I be surprised? People are fucking morons—some watch Big Brother, some dress up as Darth-fucking-Vader AND camp out on the street all night for a movie preview, some keep sending money to Nigerian scam artists AFTER the federal police have contacted them and informed them that they are involved in a scam.

Some people spend hours of their time writing shit for a blog that nobody reads.

Really, what chance does the human race have? We’re fucked; it’s been nice knowing you.