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Friday, October 19, 2007

Advanced Naughtiness

Australian censors have decided that this new game, Soldier Of Fortune: Payback, is too brutal for public consumption and, therefore, will not be sold in Australia.

Bugger, it looks good...

While it's not something I'd let young children play, I think people aged 16 and up should be able to handle it. Besides, isn't this the same stuff we've been getting in Rambo movies and the like for years?

And there are plenty of other games with heaps of gore, and some of them that are, potentially, a lot more psychologically damaging. Ever played Doom III? That is one scary fuckin' game. I almost filled my apartment with kittens--that I gave birth to--while playing late at night in a darkened room with my headphones set to 'stun'.

Kind of like this guy:

I've been playing these kind of games for years, and I've not killed one person. Not one!

But of course there have been some bad eggs in history.

Hitler flies into a rage after being unable to complete the waterfall level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and punches himself in the head.

Manson developed a severe case of 'screen eyes' after playing Halflife non-stop for 72 hours--he was eventually forced to stop after headbutting his monitor and breaking it while screaming, 'you're all hacking, cheating aim-bot-using cunts!'

Jong-il with his Pac Man clan the 'Il Brotherhood'--currently ranked 14 253 in the international Pac Man guild.

Kim Jong-il in gaming attire. Taking a rest during the world Pac Man championships. Jong-il was knocked out in round 2 of 200--still claims he was at a disadvantage as the Americans are naturally better at running away from ghosts in the dark while eating everything.