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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Unusual headlines

Two things caught my eye today; both eyes in fact.

Enterprising Aussie doctor saves an Italian man's life with the contents of his home bar.

Funnily enough, the article (in a UK publication) makes a point of explaining that an 'off-licence' is called a 'bottle shop' in Australia. I'm not sure they need have bothered--all the Brits have been here anyway, and you can surely bet they've been to a bottle shop...

In other news, a religion arbitrarily changes its rules to allow for space travel.

This in particular made me chuckle: is virtually impossible to face Mecca continuously in a craft travelling at such high speed.

I find it absolutely astounding that educated people can still cling to religion; to somehow justify it among everything else they have learned.

I'm talking about ALL religion.

Anyway, can't our imaginary friends all just get along?