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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Newsflash: Facebook, Myspace—actually a complete fucking waste of time

Facebook to be full by 2009—what happens when there is no-one left to sign up?

It dies, and I for one will cheer.

No more inboxes full of emails like:

Obscure vaguely recollected acquaintance from the distant past has added you to their friend list.

No more BACN (God, I hate that term. What does it stand for anyway? Boring Arse Crap Network?) from bored people with nothing better to do, assuming you’re just as bored as them.

Blah has sent you an e-drink. To receive your e-drink, simply fill out this three-page form. And now this one. Finally, are you interested in any of our other useless time-wasting non-existent products?

Note: if you send me a drink, it better be a real one. Pictures of beer just piss me off.

Like this one.


And another thing, for what nefarious purpose is Facebook building up its huge intelligence network?

How do you know this person?

Fuck off! I’m not telling you—none of your fucking business Facebook!

And then the other person gives the game away: Err…we went to school together…

Shudddup man! Damn, don’t tell them that! Sheeeeet, that’s The Man, and now The Man knows. Farrk, why did you go and do that for?

I know how I know you; you know how you know me—what business is it of anyone else?